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Hi there,

Just wanted to say how happy I am after installing your CWC-9B setup in my 06 Miata w/the factory Bose system. My only complaints:

1) The small white nylon wire ties were so brittle that the internal lock tap would often break off when inserting the pointed end (easily fixed by using my own wire ties). Maybe they're old or something - might want to check it out.

2) The instructions mentioned that there would be a couple of replacement door clips included in case any broke - however, none were in the package. I did have a couple of the factory clips crack, but they seem to be holding up so far.

Otherwise, I'm VERY pleased. I posted the following on Miata.net after reading about another person trying to fix his NC Bose system himself:

"With a lot of rain recently in my area, my 06 GT w/Bose developed the same driver side woofer buzz. After looking at a lot of options, I went with Clearwaters' CWC-9B 8" Bose Door Replacement System. It's on the expensive side, but with Brians' end of the year sale at Goodwin Racing, and redeeming my $25 in rewards points, I only ended up paying $324 plus shipping and tax. However, even at the regular $399, I don't think I could substitute with various aftermarket parts and do the install any easier.

The install was easy, the speakers fit like factory, the crossovers are better set up and the water guards are much better. The only thing I added to the install was a bit of Dynamat to the inside of the outer door skins.

And lest you think I'm not picky about audio, my daytime job is as a college music professor and orchestral musician. I'm just very realistic about what kind of sound I'm going to get out of my little convertible and I'm pleased with this setup now.

I could just see spending a lot more $$ and time experimenting around with the Bose system on my own and not really getting any better (and possibly worse results). YMMV."


Dr. Jon U. – San Bernardino

Dear Lorett,

Thank you so much for your quick response and your very kind offer to replace the speaker damaged during shipping. This is a wonderful example of great customer service.

It is very generous of the company and much appreciated by myself as a senior on a limited budget.
I am again, really looking forward to driving the MX5 with wind in my hair and the great sound of music in my ears.

Once again thank you both,Lorett for your caring and efficient service, and the company for the much appreciated speaker replacement.

This service makes the difference.

Yours sincerely,
Dudley - Australia

I want to thank you for the great speakers I bought a few months ago. I am truly pleased with the Clearwater speakers - they sound and look great. In comparing these new speakers with my old Bose, I could really hear the difference - a totally different sound from a very high quality product.....I bought the CLARION CX201 and this along with the Clearwater speakers has made a huge difference, worth every dollar. I love my car and it has now become the place to go to hear and enjoy good quality sound.

Uri C. - Jerusalem

Lorett -
Just wanted to say thanks for getting the speakers out to me quickly - in time for the weekend install :).

Very easy install, and they sound great. Much more crisp bass, better midrange and I needed to adjust the highs down from my previous Bose settings.

My second pair of Clearwater speakers for a Miata, and I'm just as happy with this purchase.
Thanks again!
Mike M.

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to say "Clearwater Audio Rocks" (like the sticker says)! The installation was as easy as noted on your site; the instructions provided were thorough and easy to read and follow. Your speakers got rid of my '99 Miata's "Bose buzz" and the quality of sound difference is noticeable! Simply put, the drop-in replacement for Bose is better than the original by far! You saved me having to take my car into a shop and do a full "Bosectomy" rip and replace, which would inevitably lead to having some lackey screwing up my dashboard/wiring/etc. on my prized Miata. Thanks again for providing a quality product with a fair price!

Sincerely, Todd P.

I finally got around installing the speakers about one month ago. It is by far one of the best modification one can do on a Miata. A roadster is meant to be driven top down so the sound system must be up the task...the OEM is badly failing even at mid level. The improvement with the Clearwater speakers is just incredible. Just looking at the way they are build I knew they would be very good...but honestly I did not expected THAT good. They will accept the maximum output  of the Bose system without a pinch...not that I listen to music that loud but just to say they outperform the system easily.

Thank you so much  to sell such a quality product ...needless to say that your after sale service has been equally amazing.

By making theses speakers you showed that you truly understand what the Miata experience is all about.

Sylvain B. - Winnipeg, MB Canada

Dear Glenn and the entire sales team at Clearwater,

I just wanted to let you all know that I received my CWC-8 Speakers yesterday and installed them this morning and I am more than pleased.   We replaced our Miata’s factory radio with the Sony Xplod (HD radio) last week and were just marginally happy. But now, replacing the factory speakers with your Clearwater speakers, has taken our sound system leaps and bounds above what it was. Crisp highs, deep thumping lows, and plenty of volume without distortion. It Sounds absolutely GREAT! Installation was pretty much as easy as your claims online, and the printed instructions were easy to understand an dead-on accurate for our car.

This was easily the best spent $178 of the summer so far. Both my wife and I would like to thank you and your knowledgeable staff for all your help and for providing a quality product that we both love.

Thank you again,
- DeAnne and Scott C.

Just wanted to give you a testimonial on the CWC-8B I just installed this past weekend.
Once I ordered the speakers, I could not wait to get them in after reading everything about them. I just installed them in my 2004 MX-5 Mazdaspeed and the directions were right on. Took me an hour and the sound is awesome. They fit like a champ. The sound is much, much better than the stock Bose speakers. Hopefully one day you will be able to make replacement speakers for the stock ones in the wind blocker. Thanks again.

- Scott D.

Hello Glenn/Lorett,

Yesterday the speakers finally arrived! Dutch customs have opened the package, but everything seemed to be there in a proper state. I installed them rightaway and after tweaking the bass and treble... wow!... What was Bose thinking...

I really love the speakers and thank you for sending them. It's kinda cool to be one of the selected few who has these speakers in the Netherlands ;-)

Soon I will send a picture of my car & me!

- Roelof - Netherlands

I installed the Bose kit + dyna mat today. The drivers are nowhere near to be broken in, but still sound excellent. It is like a heavy cloth was removed from the speakers, and a crystal clear speaker remains. Well worth the money! The tweeters are a little bright, but the tone controls take care of that. For the first time since buying the Miata, I listen to the sound system.

- Butch

Do you have any decals or stick on logos to identify the speakers as clearwaters instead of BOSE. I would not like Bose to get any credit for your great sounding speaker kits. Thank You.

- Butch

Love 'em! They were recommended by a friend who bought a pair. Just took the car on a road-trip last week and we enjoyed the audio the entire way with the top down, music audible at *any* speed. ; )

- John

The speakers sound good and were pretty easy to install.

- Thomas

The speakers were SUPER easy to install and made an immediate difference. Glad to discover your products.

- Andy

Those speakers are absolutely terrific in every respect. I took lots of time when installing them, just to make sure there was nothing inside the doors that would cause any sympathetic vibration. That effort paid off, because those woofers can really shake things up at high volume. It all sounded so amazing that for about the first month they were in service I was asking all my friends to have a seat and check them out. I can finally hear my radio at highway speeds, too, with the top down. Great stuff! Now, I wish you'd tailor a set to work in my '97 Eclipse. Thanks a bunch.

- Geary

I installed them myself and they are great.

- Skip

The speaker's are great. Thanks!

- Martha

The speakers work well for me thanks. In fact they replaced a set of Clearwaters that I had for 15 years.

- Stan

The speaker set worked great. I would recommend them to anyone with an older Miata. The speakers work great and I am a happy customer.

- John

I installed the speakers in my 1990 Miata. The directions that came with them were easy to follow and resulted in a clean installation. No surprise to me to find that the cones in the original speakers were torn and falling a part. The new speakers bring the car back to life!

Thanks for continuing to carry products for the early production Miatas.

- Wayne

The speakers were easy to install and have performed exactly as described. They sound great. I would recommend them to all Mazda Miata owners.

- Marco

Install went fine, the speakers work great. Thanks.

- Kip

They are great! The best 200 dollars I spent on the car. Now it sounds like a real stereo.

- Markus

Frankly, I love them! I replaced my factory Bose speakers with your speakers and was amazed at how much better they sounded than the Bose speakers. In fact, I wish I would have had your speakers from the beginning. Thanks again!!

- Gary

Actually the speakers are great - much better than the factory originals and better than I expected. When I ordered them I must have accidentally selected the wrong year and got the door speakers for the newer Miata. I called your customer service and they apologized and sent out the correct ones for my 95 Miata even before I returned the other ones (including a return postage label). I've told all my car nut friends about your great company and products. Now I am wondering if I should upgrade the factory headset speakers to a set of Clearwaters. Thanks.

- Bill

I love my speakers. They sound great. And you delivered them so quickly. Do you make speakers for other types of cars – or just Miata’s?

- Brian

We installed our clearwater speakers and they are great. The sound is awesome and even at 75 mph with the top down on our Miata, the music is clear as a bell.

- Allen

The quality of the speakers appear to be very good, especially when compared to the original Bose speakers. My son installed the Clearwaters with no problems. I am truly pleased that you are inquiring about my purchase.

- Wayne

I installed the speakers in my 1990 Miata quickly and without a hitch. They sound great!
All the Best,

- Jim

The speakers worked great. I have put sets in 2 Miatas. The headrest and door speakers are outstanding. They really do make a difference in the sound of my audio system. Installation was quick and easy and directions were simple to follow.


I am very happy with my Clearwater Miata speakers. They were very easy to install, and they sound fantastic! Even with the top down and the wind whipping by, I can hear my stereo! You make a great product, and I'll certainly recommend your speakers to anyone who has a Miata.

- John

The speakers are great! Installation was easy and as advertised. I hooked up the door / headrest speakers in about an hour (for all 6 speakers) following the provided directions. I also had a Blaupunkt THb 200A powered sub-woofer professionally installed behind my front, driver's side seat (the sub is only 4" deep) - I had this hooked into the headrest speakers. I let the head unit power the door speakers. The sound is incredible - everything is crystal clear even at highway speeds with the top down.

Thanks for the quality product - I look forward to many years of enjoyable sound.

- Paul

I am very pleased with the speakers for my Miata. They sound fine and they were easy to install. The instructions were very good.

- John

The Speakers sound great. Best part I installed myself.

- Cynthia

Best thing I ever did to my Miata. What a difference over the stock speakers especially in the headrest!


Love, Love, Love the speakers!

- David

I think they’re great. I also installed new door speakers and a stereo at the same time. The added power of the stereo and your speakers have really added to the overall sound quality. I can now play music loudly with the top down and still hear the sound!

- Mike

Hello! I just had to write back and tell you how completely satisfied I have been with my speakers. They are fantastic. I can hear the music quite clearly with the top down. The instructions for the speaker install were very clear and exact. So, in all, I want to say thank you for making such a wonderful set of speakers. I'm more pleased than I expected.

- Nate

I like the speakers a lot. I found them easy to install and they sound 100% better than the OEM speakers.

- Mark

I am pleased to inform you that your speakers are clear and was a good buy.
Thanks for a great speaker.

- Bill

I am very pleased with the fit, finish, and performance of these speakers. The sound is better than we have ever had even when the vehicle was new. The installation was a breeze as I followed your instructions to the letter. The overall quality and performance is enough that I will be purchasing your speakers for the headrest of this vehicle very soon. Finally you and your company may rest assured that I will spread the word about this positive experience as a whole. Well Done!

- Dan