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About Clearwater Audio

Clearwater’s parent company, NCA Laboratories is a well renowned loudspeaker manufacturer in the United States. Their Client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the audio industry. You have heard of most of their customers. Some of the most expensive loudspeakers in the world source their drivers and components from NCA Laboratories.

Some of the most expensive loudspeakers in the world source their drivers and components from NCA Laboratories.

The Clearwater factory manufactures hundreds of different speakers. The Mazda Miata became one of our first loves after the mother of Clearwater founder, Glenn Stasky, took her son's advice and bought one of the first Miatas in New York State. Although she loved the car, she had complaints about the stereo.

He searched all of California for a rental agency who would rent him a Miata for the week. After finally finding one and posting a bond...the car was outfitted with all sorts of high-tech measuring gear.

Microphones were placed everywhere to measure all sorts of wind noise and vibration devices measured low frequency pulses from the drive-shaft and transmission. The car was driven over a variety of different roads. Then multiple measurements of the factory speaker system were taken to judge a starting point. Many measurements were made of the frequency response of the speakers relative to the driver’s ear, since this is really all that matters in a car. Literally hundreds of designs were evaluated on computer simulations and dozens of versions were installed in our prototype car.

Finally, a unanimous decision was made on a final design and a few samples were built. Mom of course loved them and that was that. Or so we thought. Her friends heard them and wanted a pair. So did their friends...and so on. Currently there are over 17,000 Miatas with Clearwater Audio loudspeakers.

When you visit a large car audio shop, chances are you get to listen to a small selection of speakers mounted in a wall with many other items in a small room. The customer usually picks out the one that “sounds the best”. Often this is the one that sounds the “loudest” to him or her as this is human nature. This choice is usually made with the best of intent but without the proper information. How are you to know what this speaker is going to sound like in your car? You don’t. That is why Clearwater loudspeakers are expressly designed for the car that they will be installed in.

Clearwater is currently working on some new exciting enthusiast cars to provide customized audio upgrade solutions for, some from Germany and some from Japan.

Look forward to more high quality Clearwater solutions in the future.