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Glenn Stasky, President of Clearwater Company and driver of the Clearwater Racing Miata.

Clearwater Company
11305 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite D
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Clearwater Goes Racing!

Clearwater has been campaigning a Mazda Spec Miata in SCCA racing for the past 5 years. This very competitive class draws many drivers to each race. Fields in excess of 65 cars are not uncommon, and that is 65 cars on the track at the same time! Using a closely regulated formula of engine and suspension, each car is very close in performance and it becomes a "driver's" series. The Spec Miata class, or SM for short, is always one of the most entertaining and exciting races of the weekend. There is sure to be some bumping and grinding on the race course every event. Fortunately, Mazda offers registered SCCA racers discounts on parts. Discounts on replacement fenders are often helpful!

Recently the Clearwater Miata has placed in the top 10 five times and posting their FIRST win at the end of last year in a 4 hour enduro.

Driven well, it can outperform many high performance street cars with hundreds of horsepower more. A Spec Miata is a very tough car to beat on a curvy race track. The team has entered over 80 races over the past five years and has steadily improved. Recently the car has placed in the top 10 five times and posted their FIRST win at the end of last year in a 4 hour enduro.

The car is a 1990 1.6 liter Miata built to professional SM standards by Jason Hoover motorsports in Cameron Park, CA. Jason has built numerous championship race cars and has won the Professional Playboy Cup MX-5 Championship. Outfitted with the best safety equipment available, this is one safe and reliable car. Our driver, Glenn Stasky really likes the way the custom fitted Recaro seat fits. And he found that once the seat was custom fitted to the car, he actually was a half second quicker at the local track, Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. The track record at Thunderhill in a SM is 2:06.2. Glenn has driven the car to a 2:07.8 in qualifying. If he can improve his consistency, even better finishes are sure to follow.

Races are free to watch so, come on out and watch the action at Thunderhill Raceway, Infineon Raceway in Sonoma and Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. Keep watching for more Clearwater Racing News!

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