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CWC-3D Clearwater Audio Miata (MX-5) Headrest Speakers 1990-1997

$129.00 Plus S/H.

Includes one pair of speakers for the driver and one pair of speakers for the passenger. Includes wire harness.

These headrest speakers were designed to replace and outperform the factory headrest speakers.

You will not believe the difference our speakers will make!

These custom designed two-way coaxial speakers perfectly complement our door speakers.  They will out perform any other headrest speaker available, including the Miata factory speakers, with no modification required. They come with a specially designed harness that plugs directly into the factory radio.  Included in the kit is a harness for cars 1990-1994 1/2 that plugs into the factory radio and a harness for cars 1995-1997 that plugs into the half harness under both seats. If you are uncertain if your factory harness is wired correctly, use our “full length” 1990-1994 harness, it works on all years. You will lose the ability to disconnect the speakers if you remove the seats. But, this solves any polarity problems in the wiring harness.

Harness wiring is made from individual, high-flexibility conductors encased in a custom vinyl tubing to allow for easy installation that lays flat under carpet. Other harnesses are made from Hardware store “Zip-cord”. Clearwater harnesses are superior to the factory wiring and wired correctly.

The sound quality of these headrest speakers was tailored to sound “correct” only in the listening position of the Miata. Unlike the speakers you may listen to in the store, these speakers are designed to sound good ONLY in the Miata headrest location.  Many acoustical measurements and listening auditions were made with prototypes installed in a Miata headrest. It was very important to design the speakers with the white plastic cover installed as this is how they will he heard. No other manufacturer in the world has designed a speaker just for the Miata. They cannot possibly justify the expense and time. Thousands of customers later, Clearwater is still providing the highest quality and performance in sound available for your Miata. Our award winning customer service is legendary.

Key Benefits


Frequency Response Graph

  • High Quality, Two-way 3-1/2" speaker with 10 mm tweeter
  • Sensitivity is 90 dB measured with 1 watt at 1 meter (1 watt = 2.83 volts)
  • Frequency response, 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • 7dB higher output than original Miata headrests!
  • High power handling (up to 25 watts per channel)
  • Specifically designed for the Miata, the only speakers made for your Miata
  • The only two-way Miata headrest speaker for better frequency response
  • Clean high tones, and vocals that can be heard at 60 mph
  • Good low frequency response, plays twice as low as original speakers
  • Easy installation in cars with or without factory headrest speakers
  • Harness included for 1990-1997 cars